These 6 Core Exercises Will Help You Get the Perfect Beach Body

Now that summer is in full swing, everyone’s looking to show off the perfect beach-ready body.

Of course, that starts with a strong and toned core, making information about this muscle group highly sought after.

For those looking to strengthen and firm up their abs and obliques in time for summer, these exercises are a great addition to any regiment, whether you’re a veteran fitness buff or just getting started.

#1: Seated Rainbows

If you’re looking to target your core, this exercise is a great way to build and sculpt your muscles quickly and effectively, targeting the hips, rectus abdominis, obliques and even the transverse abdominis.

While simple in design, this exercise requires the user to trace an invisible rainbow with the toes, working the core’s muscle groups with undeniable effectiveness.

As a core sculptor, this routine is a proven, go-to method for experts and beginners alike.


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#2: Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are a well-known way to tone and build the core muscles, and has gained in popularity due to its ease, as well as the killer results yielded.

This exercise can be enhanced by adding dumbbells to the routine, making it an adaptable part of any core-centric workout.

Be sure to focus on keeping your core braced during this exercise, which will reduce stress on the spine.


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#3: Birddog Crunches

A variation of the plank technique, this exercise hones both the core muscles and the upper body, and can be further modified in a number of ways.

In this exercise, the core works with the arms and legs to stabilize the body and maintain balance.


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#4: Plank Cross

Similar to birddog crunches, plank crosses also work the obliques in addition to providing an intense core workout.


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#5: Sidearm Twists

This incredibly effective core exercise also focuses on the obliques, and is known for looking deceptively easy while yielding fatigue-inducing results quickly.

Repetition is key here, and users are encouraged to push through their initial soreness when first starting this technique.


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#6: Windshield Wipers

An exercise with a variety of methods of execution, all yield incredible results to core muscle groups, and comes heralded by a variety of fitness experts for its effectiveness and ease of use.

Although this workout routine may look simple, it works both abdominal muscles and obliques with an intense focus.


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