Seven Techniques to Bulk Up Your Biceps for Summer

With summer in full swing, everyone wants to look their best, and these top-rated workouts are sure to have your abs and biceps ready to impress.

The biceps muscle is undoubtedly one of the muscles most people want to tone, and is perhaps the number one “show muscle” for folks looking to look their best for summer.

While a number of excellent workouts exist to hone your biceps to perfection, the sheer volume of information can get overwhelming, but those looking to bulk up their biceps will certainly go right for the dumbbells, and will find these exercises to be essential.

Exercise 1: Seated Incline Biceps Curl

Also known as the incline inner-biceps curl, this workout is a go-to for those looking to really isolate the muscle and get the most out of their routine.

By adjusting the horizontal level of the bench, the long head of the muscle can be stretched increasingly.


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Exercise 2: Standing Concentration Dumbbell Curl

Another great biceps exercise, concentration curls recruit surrounding muscles by placing the arm out in front of the body.

This technique allows the elbow and the shoulder to help boost the bulk of your biceps, and has recently seen an explosion in popularity.


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Exercise 3: Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl

This strain-reducing curl technique is one of the most highly recommended workouts for biceps, providing a beneficial stance which forces the lifter to avoid “cheating” by rocking their body backwards during reps.

Additionally, wrists and elbows are much less likely to experience stress during workouts using this technique.


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Exercise 4: Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curl

One of the most commonly-used methods for working the short head biceps muscle, the wide grip used in this technique is a great way to work the entire muscle group.


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Exercise 5: Regular-Grip Barbell Curl

This classic workout might just be the most widely-used method of using barbell curls to build up the biceps, and allows for a good bit of variation regarding the width of the grip.

While a wider grip will focus on the short head of the muscle, a more narrow grip will, in turn, work the muscle’s long head.


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Exercise 6: EZ-Bar Curls

The EZ-Bar has quickly become a favorite for many looking to work their biceps, with some believing it to be the absolute best method to work the entire muscle group.

Using this method, both the long and short heads of the biceps will receive a vigorous workout.

For many, this technique has also become popular due to its level of comfort, providing relief for joints that the straight-barbell lacks.

Exercise 7: Dumbbell Biceps Curls

This classic technique is a surefire way to bulk up your biceps quickly and efficiently, and has been a tried-and-true workout addition around the world.

An added benefit is the ability to thicken muscle groups in the wrists and forearms.


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