Five Popular Diets for Quick Weight Loss

Life happens, and for most of us, that includes gaining a bit of unwanted weight as we get older.

While exercising regularly and eating right are the best ways to keep extra pounds off, sometimes a proper diet program is the first thing needed to lose any weight that may have accumulated.

If you’re in the market to try a new diet program, the internet and social media offer an incredible wealth of information and options to choose from, and although it may seem daunting, a little bit of research will yield quick and noticeable results.

Whether you’re looking to achieve short-term weight loss or lose weight in the long-term and keep it off, the ways to do so are virtually unlimited.

Below are some of the most popular diet programs around, and have been proven over time to be effective ways to combat weight loss and increase your body’s health.

#1: Atkins Diet

One of the most highly-rated short-term diet programs, the Atkins Diet targets fat with a high-protein and low-carb approach.

While this program yields impressive results quickly, it is a short-term solution, with much of the initial weight lost consisting of water.


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#2: Keto Diet

This high-fat diet is designed to send the body into ketosis, a state where fat, rather than sugar, is burned to produce energy.

Popular for its results, as well as requiring a high volume of enjoyable foods such as meat and butter, the Keto Diet has seen an explosion of popularity recently.


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#3: HMR Program

This complex but effective program has also seen a noticeable boost in popularity recently, and focuses on meal replacement, exercise, and advice from fitness experts to help dieters achieve their goals.

This program heavily incorporates fruits and vegetables, as well as shakes, energy bars, and other meal replacements to effectively aid in losing weight.


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#4: Volumetrics

This interesting dieting program focuses on portion control, requiring dieters to eat filling, low-calorie foods in portions.


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#5: Nutrisystem

This commercial dieting system offers low-calorie weight loss that is proven to be effective.

Using prepackaged, delivered meals, this program is a highly rated short-term option for dieters struggling with time constraints.


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