5 Actresses Who Completely Transformed Their Bodies for Roles

Actors and actresses are known for putting in some intense work schedules in order to bring your favorite Hollywood movies and tv shows to life, including some who take their dedication to new heights.

Requiring far more than just the ability to memorize and regurgitate lines, acting is mentally and physically demanding, and many professionals are willing to use diet and exercise to transform their bodies to better suit their roles.

We’ve recently discussed some actors who have gone to incredible lengths to radically alter their appearances, and the list of actresses below prove to be no different.

These leading ladies took extraordinary measures to get into character, earning them a reputation as some of the best in the business, and for good reason.

#1: Anne Hathaway

In preparation for her role in “Les Miserables,” actress Anne Hathaway reportedly lost over 25 pounds, which she accomplished via a pre-filming cleanse and an intense diet of only two squares of dried oatmeal paste a day.

The already-thin actress’ rapid weight loss startled the press, leading to rumors of an extreme starvation diet which her representatives were forced to refute.

In an interview, Hathaway described the experience as “a little nuts,” and said she was left in a state of physical and emotional deprivation.


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#2: Natalie Portman

A versatile actress capable of taking on a wide range of tough roles, Natalie Portman proved her dedication to her craft while preparing for her role in “Black Swan,” in which she played a ballerina.

Losing up to 20 pounds for the film, Portman accomplished her goal with a draconian diet and vigorous exercise routine.

“There were some nights that I thought I was literally going to die,” Portman admitted during an interview, explaining that the physical and mental toll left her feeling depleted.


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#3: Charlize Theron

Known for her striking beauty and posture, this South African actress took her body in a completely different direction for her role as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the movie “Monster.”

Theron gained over 30 pounds with a diet of sweets and snacks, which she later shed quickly.


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#4: Demi Moore

Preparing for the film “G.I. Jane” was brutal for actress Demi Moore, as she underwent intense physical exercise and dieting, which included real-life Navy SEAL training.

Moore’s training regimen included sit-ups, push-ups, and SEAL obstacle courses designed to get her into the mindset of a soldier.


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#5: Renee Zellweger

The easy part for Renee Zellweger in getting ready for the “Bridgette Jones” movies was gaining the weight, a reported 30 extra pounds, but the hard part was getting rid of that excess poundage after shooting was finished.

Going from a size 4 to a size 14 took dedication, as well as lots of hamburgers and fries, with the actress taking in nearly 4,000 calories per day.

However, once the film was wrapped, Zellweger quickly got to work exercising to return to her naturally small size.


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