10 Inspirational Instagram Fitness Girls Will Have You Ready to Hit the Gym!

Without a doubt, Instagram is the place to go for inspiration when it comes to fitness, and features instruction, advice, and motivation from some of the most prominent fitness experts around.

From professionals and celebrities, to those who just want to keep their figure looking perfect, Instagram is a great way for women to inspire themselves and others to achieve the workout results they’ve dreamed of, and to keep pushing their goals to new heights.

The ten ladies below are some of the most inspirational figures on Instagram, and are sure to have you fired up and ready to hit the gym while seeing results quickly.

1: Kayla Itsines

A personal trainer of over 10 years, Kayla focuses on getting women ready for bikini season with a killer set of abs.

Her outreach to fans, including sharing before-and-after photos of those adhering to her workout plans, makes her a fan-favorite.


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#2: Jen Selter

Hailing from New York City, Jen is known for sporting one of the most toned derrières on Instagram, and enjoys teaching other women how to see results quickly.

Focusing on sculpting and building a bigger, firmer booty, Jen provides great motivation and instruction.


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#3: Melissa Alcantara

Not only does Melissa Alcantara hold the title of being a personal trainer to Kim Kardashian, her posts on Instagram serve to inspire women everywhere.

Providing advice and motivation is part of her appeal to her fans, who attest to the effectiveness of her routines.


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#4: Natacha Oceane

Taking a scientific approach to fitness has made Natacha Oceane one of Instagram’s most popular and inspirational experts.

In fact, Oceane takes her outreach far beyond Instagram, and frequently conducts fitness experiments on YouTube, as well.

Combining a focus on fitness, diet, and health, Oceane is a fan-favorite for her outreach, including many challenges for fans looking for motivation.


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#5: Cassey Ho

A Pilates expert, Cassey frequently shares poses, tips, and advice, making her a fan favorite and a source of motivation and inspiration for women everywhere.


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#6: Massy Arias

Providing a fun, energetic approach to fitness has helped earn Massy over two million followers on Instagram, where she uses her experience as a personal trainer to get women fit and healthy.

Arias works hard as a health coach, and provides women with challenges and motivation to keep exercising while following their dreams.


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#7: Lauren Simpson

A former world champion bikini competition winner, Lauren Simpson is an expert on staying fat, as well as keeping fat off.

Her approach to staying healthy focuses on both exercise and nutrition, providing a balanced and accessible way for women to improve their health, burn fat, and stay fit.


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#8: Krissy Cela

A strength and endurance trainer, Krissy Cela focuses on keeping exercise fun and accessible for women, while also providing inspiration and expert advice.

Additionally, Krissy is a great source for workout routines, meal planning programs, and other helpful information.


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#9: Karena and Katrina from Tone it Up

These detox-specialists are best friends who built a fitness empire which has, in turn, served as a place for women to inspire and empower each other while sharing fitness and health information.


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#10: Emily Skye

Last but certainly not least, Emily Skye founded the Fitness Inspiration Transformation (FIT) program, and centers her approach around both diet and exercise.

Providing how-to videos, workout information, and dietary advice, Emily Skye also discusses helpful gear, making her invaluable to fans.


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