10 Hilarious Workout Fails Will Make You LOL

For anyone who regularly exercises, it’s likely that you’ve either witnessed or experienced a “gym fail” of some kind, and the ones below are some of the best examples ever captured on video.

Learning through experience is great, but when it comes to wipeouts and failures while working out, it’s best to learn through the experience of others.

Use these hilarious clips to not only get a laugh, but to avoid your own gym mishaps in the future, and let the misfortune of these reckless and ill-coached individuals serve as a warning of how not to work out.

#1: Puking During Weight Lifting Competition

Any weightlifter knows that when competing, it’s best to impress the judges with proper form and technique.

In this video, the female weightlifter nails her form, but manages to throw up on the judge in the process, which certainly didn’t help her final score.

#2: Rack Pull Fail

This fail is 100% on the user, who appears to be more interested in goofing off than actually working out.

However, behavior like this is not only a great way to completely fail at the gym, but can also lead to injury due to carelessness.

#3: Backflip Burpee Fail

A CrossFit technique known as the “backflip burpee” is basically a combination of a pushup and a backflip, however, the man in the video below wipes out in spectacular fashion while attempting to pull off this technique.

After one epic failure, the man shrugs it off and nails his second attempt, but not before providing the internet with a great workout mishap video.

#4: Epic Squat Fail

This video is a great example of why proper technique and proper spotters are essential in the weight room.

If you plan on lifting weights, make sure to use the right technique to avoid an incident like the one below, and try to find spotters who would rather help than film and laugh.

#5: Box Jump Fail

CrossFit is known for its appeal to beginners and hardcore fitness buffs alike, and its unique challenges provide for some excellent gym fails.

In this video, a woman finds out that the Box Jump technique isn’t as easy as it looks, and wipes out on camera.

#6: Bench Press Fail

Attempting to bench press heavy weights without a spotter is no laughing matter, as the young man in the video finds out.

While avoiding injury, this exercise in stupidity could have easily turned out much worse, and serves as a warning to anyone looking to workout alone.

It may be tempting to push yourself without a spotter, but doing so could result in serous injury or even death.

#7: Puking During Tire Pull Deadlift

For some athletes, throwing up before, after, or even during an event is just part of life.

In this video, the strongman attempting a deadlift is unable to hold back, and hurls during the middle of his set.

The man seems to shrug it off quickly, however, making it seem like just part of the routine.

#8: Dog Videobomb Fail

The athlete in this video didn’t technically fail at anything except making sure his dog stayed out of the shot.

As he begins his workout, an unexpected guest “scoots” on screen, stealing the show and turning this instructional video into a hilarious gym failure.

#9: Pull-up Fail

Another great example of how not to work out, this video proves that if you want to do pull-ups, it’s best to invest the $10 in an at-home setup, instead of trying to emulate the man in the video below.

Technically more of a “playground fail” than a “gym fail,” this video nonetheless demonstrates why horsing around during workouts is never a good idea.

While the playground bars seemed like a cheap and fun alternative for pull-ups, they’re not meant for it, and this clip proves exactly why.

#10: Entire Machine Fail

This is just painful to watch, and while it’s unclear exactly what went wrong, it’s likely due to user error.

Needless to say, this guy is lucky to have walked way laughing from this epic “gym fail” that is worth a second, or even a third, watch.

The next time you’re at the gym or working out, keep these failures in mind to prevent yourself from experiencing your own “gym failure.”